Microcontroller Training

1 Day Training (20 seats only)

Basic and advance usage of Embedded controllers.

This may look to be a standard training offered by many training centers, but here you will be trained by overseas experts who has over 20 years hardware experience in Semiconductor Industry, developing project using Robots, Embedded controllers, Automated measurements and Vision systems.

Topic to be covered
  • Introduction to Atmel Microcontroller and types.
    • Atmega328
    • Atmega1284
    • Atmega2560
    • Attiny
  • Hardware features of Atmel Atmega328 microcontrollers:-
    • AVR Memory
    • Fuse bits
    • Interrupts
    • How to write assembly programs
    • How to write C programs
  • Introduction to Arduino.
  • Zigbee fundamental
  • H Bridge fundamental
  • Serial communication
  • Multiple peripheral control using SPI
  • Good hardware design practice
    • Electrical Noise elimination
    • Grounding
    • 5V / 3.3V interface
    • Watch dog timer
  • How AVmicrotech board can be used as programmer for other devices
  • Question and Answers
-Limited seats please reserve early.
-Cost Rs1000 to be paid during reservation.
-Venue Noida Sector 63
-Limited sessions.Next Session Nov 2013