Last updated:08/11/2015

Exploring IOT...IOT was never so easy and cheap as with ESP8266 wifi module. This is what we have done...

  • Added a 3.3V supply on the shield for ESP8266
  • Possibility to monitor and debug using Serial Monitor.
  • Flipping option on Tx/Rx connection so that ESP8266 can be flashed
  • Enable Watchdog timer to reset system if Atmega328 or ESP8266 Freeze.
  • Connect whole setup and see the data on thingspeak

Now you can monitor any Sensor without the need of ethernet cable.

In second incarnation, this unit acts as IOT server to control devices.

  • It acts as access point as well as connects to house WiFi network
  • Access Point to configure it to your house WiFi
  • Connects to house WiFi.
  • Serve page as below to control House I/O devices.



Low cost book on ESP8266 programming



We have been supplying educational kit to Engineering colleges at discounted price.The kit comprises of Atmega328P USB board, button shield,USB cable, Wired LDR and NTC, Jumper wires, 16x2 LCD. We can meet up with you to help you design your teaching module  as we have done with other engineering colleges.



    10 to 20 Units Rs1500/-

    >20 Units Rs1400/-


A getting started ebook with code and connection diagram.




Please contact us for more details.

Teaching Kit



New Products


UNO & Arduino compatible SD Card, Zigbee and RTC Shield. 3.3V and 5V I/O compatible.

Arduino shield Kit



Arduino PLC board with 8 12V/24V DC I/O and Analog Input conditioner. This is a Low Cost Intelligent Automation system.

Arduino DAQ Kit



Featured Project: Arduino Tracked Robot with Zigbee Interface


This is our Arduino Zigbee Tracked Robot platform. Using Attiny2313 optoisolated Dual H Bridge driver and Arduino PLC board that can also drive 8Nos 12V I/O. It can control 12V relay to turn on/off light, camera and other needed actuators. The platform is heavy duty and can carry sufficient load.Current power source is 12V 2.3 AH Lead Acid Battery.

Featured Project: Arduino Bluetooth Robot


This is our Arduino Bluetooth robot that can be controlled with Android smart phone. The bootloader has been modified to lock in so that sketch can be uploaded through Bluetooth. The verification however generates error which does not effect the code. The bluetooth controller is Android smart phone running S2 BT Terminal2. The Shield is with our new modified design having temperature sensor for L293D plus prototyping area where Bluetooth module is mounted. The drive is Tamiya dual gearbox. Watchdog has been used in the code. Controller accepts command in the format "F120" for forward and PWM 120,"L090" for left turn with PWM 90 etc..... "S" is for stop,s

Featured Project: Raspberry Pi Motor Driver Board

Raspberry Pi has 1 PWM 3.3V output which prevents two motor differential drive to be directly interfaced. We have modified firmware on our optoisolated ATTINY2313 board to interface through SPI protocol.
This is an optoisolated DC motor driver board with Attiny2313.The Board is run at 3.3V The SPI frequency selected is 25000Hz. This Board also can be interfaced with RS232 at 9600 baud. Each SPI command to the motor driver board from Raspberry Pi is of 7 Bytes in length. The Raspberry Pi code is slightly modified spidev_test.c .The PWM frequency can be varied from 100Hz to 700Hz in steps of 100. The Transistors are Tip122 and 127. The DC motors are running at 12 VDC. These boards will be available soon..Thanks


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